AQVA ZONE is a premium sanitary brand originated from and inspired by Italian sanitary technology, craftsmanship and insistance on aesthetic standard.

AQVA Basic, AQVA Plus, AQVA Design and AQVA Technik, AQVA Green, AQVA Retro and AQVA Therm are our divisions that constantly provide innovative sanitary products of different markets and needs.

AQVADESIGN is constantly creating, selecting, and controlling the offered range of products according to European Standard and health regulations in force.


Fantasy, creativity and competence made AQVA ZONE your ideal sanitary product provider, able to assist and advice you in the choice of faucets, sanitary articles and bathroom fittings.

You might feel the enthusiasm and determination we devote to our work and we are sure you can profit from our experience and professionalism.

Enjoy your Italian bath with your fantastic AQVA ZONE products